New life for old books …


From time to time, someone will bring old books to Urban Relics for consignment. The stack on the right in this image are a five volume set by William Thackeray c.1899. They are much too precious to break up the set! Bindings are leather with embossed designs and gold leafing. Pages are of the finest papers. Illustrations are magnificent. Textblock edges are exquisitely marbled. And the stories are as precious as the elements of the books themselves.

A new artform has gained popularity in the past few years — altered books or altered pages. A lovely example is the image top left — of A Midsummer Night’s Dream tableau in an old book. The artist is Susan Hoerth, who refers to her craft as Book Sculptures. Seeing the new life for an old book in these images by Hoerth is inspiring to the artist looking to create cards, paintings on pages, book sculptures … and more.  


Come shopping!
You’ll find books tucked into the displays all over the store.
They are hard to resist.


Guess who came to lunch?


This week we had representatives of Rustic Brands — and some of their artistic colleagues — show up for a lunch time presentation in our workshop on chalk painting. We’re really excited about seeing the product applied to antique furniture and watching different distressing techniques. In less than an hour’s time, we watched as a nondescript old table became a work of art! We’ll be posting photos of the finished product on Facebook.

We’ll be announcing more workshops in the future — meantime, as we like to say, U R invited to shop Urban Relics Consignment!

Fun with painters’ dropcloth


The lowly dropcloth that painters buy in great quantity to protect surfaces from paint spatters/spills — has gotten new life! We found this great Pinterest Board on uses for the dropcloth, showing such creative ideas for its use. We had panels constructed from the dropcloth and fastened to the ceiling to create visual dividers for our new store displays.